Ambush Woodshed Deck
Ambush Woodshed Deck
Ambush Woodshed Deck

Ambush Woodshed Deck

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Soaring down the street, you spot it… the unsuspecting prey, perfect for your next attack. You fly closer and hit it effortlessly, a perfectly evolved hunter crushing every driveway bank, hedge barrel and Jersey Barrier in your path. The On the Hunt Cruiser Series is all about that search for the best line of attack on whatever terrain you’re looking to slay. The Ambush Woodshed features a double kick, and slightly longer deck and wheelbase than your typical popsicle stick, making it ideal for larger riders, or those looking for a more forgiving cruiser.
Length: 32.875”
Width: 8.75”
Wheelbase: 14.75”

7 Ply Maple
Double Kick
Art by Daniel Sheridan